Ditching Cable

March 22, 2013

I recently decided to cancel my cable subscription. My bill was more than $130.00 a month not including internet which was bundled. After months of debating whether I really needed it or not I finally took the plunge.

The first few days my wife was kind of nervous about it but since then both of us have completely adjusted. I have a Playstation 3 which I use Netflix and Hulu Plus as my new method of viewing shows.

I've found watching TV this way not only to be acceptable but to be preferable to cable. One of the bonuses I didn't expect is I don't have to worry about my DVR filling up. There are sometimes in life small stresses than one doesn't even realize are there until they are gone. It's not like I was staying up late at night worrying about DVR space but now that it's not an issue, it's nice to know whenever I get back to that show it will be there. I used to feel pressure to watch a certain amount of TV per week so the DVR wouldn't run out of space, especially with more than one person using the same DVR. I also prefer being able to watch shows as seasons rather than waiting a week for each episode to come out.

I've also discovered some good shows and movies I never would have stumbled upon if I wasn't forced to probe Netflix and Hulu a little deeper than I had been doing.

I find myself wasting less time watching shows I don't really even like just because they are on. Watching streaming you end up seeing only shows you specifically want to watch.

I do have to use torrents for a few shows, but far less than I expected. I don't think it will be long before the entertainment industry realizes if people can't find their shows on a non-cable platform they are going to be losing money.

If any of you have been ditching cable, I highly recommend going for it. Not only do you save money but you may find you get a superior experience as well.

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