Black Coffee

September 29, 2012

Sugar is bad.

Here is a much more in depth video on the subject than I would even dream of going into. I highly recommend watching it.

I never have been big into sweets, I'm more of a meat guy, so keeping a low sugar intake wasn't a huge issue for me.

There was one thing that was nagging at me however. Every morning I would wake up and have my coffee with cream and sugar. The idea of drinking it black was very foreign. That's what old people did. Cream and sugar with my coffee was delicious and I'd been starting my day off like this everyday for almost 20 years.

After maybe a year of really thinking about it, I decided to eliminate the last teaspoons of refined sugar from my diet which meant drinking my coffee black.

I did it. All I had to do was have black coffee one day. No big deal.

It wasn't bad. I was worried I would have some withdraw or not feel satisfied without the cream and sugar, but I still got my caffeine fix so when I finished I don't feel like I missed anything. Now I've come to appreciate the quality of the coffee more. If coffee is bad it tastes much worse, and if it's good I can detect some of the subtleties in flavor I was overpowering with sugar.

The biggest benefit however was totally unexpected.

I have a routine I stick to pretty consistently in the morning. I wake up, go downstairs, make/eat breakfast, get my coffee and go back stairs and browse the web while I drink. At the point where I finish browsing the web, I have an internal battle trying to force myself to get up and start whatever project I planned to do that day. It often took a lot of will power.

It turns out what I was fighting was not a urge to procrastinate but a sugar crash. When I finished my black coffee, I got up and was ready to start my day with more enthusiasm than I can remember ever having before.

My original goal was to keep sugar out of my system. If I was consuming 150 calories in cream and sugar every morning, by taking coffee black I'd be losing a pound every 23 days by doing nothing more. But the best thing that happened was having an unexpected abundance of energy every morning now.

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