Adding tags to your life to get more done.

February 08, 2011

The basic idea is to take things that you do every day already, and add a small task to them so you don't feel like you're doing much more work.

Cleaning the kitchen while my coffee brews is a good one. Every morning I would wake up come downstairs, get the coffee brewing and watch TV for about 5 minutes until it was done. Drinking coffee for me is one thing that happens every morning without fail. So instead of sitting down on the couch I decided to use this time to clean the kitchen. I was in there anyway right? So now I load/unload the dishwasher, clean counters, etc for a few minutes until my coffee is ready and then sit on the couch and watch TV until I am ready to start my day.

Second thing is I always drink a cup of water before my coffee so I don't get too dehydrated, so now I always take my vitamin D and fish oil (It doesn't cause heartburn on an empty stomach like C).

Before I start cooking I clean the kitchen. This with the coffee brewing tag make it so I no longer have to set aside extra time for cleaning the kitchen, I just automatically take care of it.

Here are a bunch of other ones:

Always floss when I brush.

Start laundry/washing machine/dryer every time I leave/enter the house.

Every time I walk into or leave a room, do 1 thing, for instance pick up a toy, make the bed, throw trash away, etc...

Exercise right before taking a shower, I usually do some stretches, push ups, and sit ups.

Whenever you get home, check the mail and/or take the garbage cans back in.

Whenever you leave, take the garbage cans out to the street if they need it.

The first thing I do when getting out of the shower is make the bed.

Whenever your on hold, clean your desk.

I'm sure there are a thousand others, but you get the idea.

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