Infinite You

November 13, 2016

Many people have heard of the idea of parallel universes.  The idea that there is another dimension parallel to ours where every possible reality exists.  Where you won the lottery, met a different wife, etc.  Scientists believe this very well may be the case but it hasn't been proven as of yet.  If you want more information on this you can Google Everett's many interpretation theory. 

There is another concept about infinite universes though, I will call serial universes.  Parallel lines never touch, but serial means you have one universe next to another.  Although it's not proven beyond a doubt it's believed to be very likely that the universe is infinite.  If this is the case, there are some very interesting implications.  Because the universe is infinite, and the number ways you can configure atoms and the spaces in between them are finite, there are bound to be repeats. 

If you go far enough out into the infinite abyss of space, eventually every possible kind of planet will run out, and you'll find another earth, although perhaps with different constellations.  If you keep going far enough however, you'll find not just a replicate of earth but of the whole observable universe.  The distance you would have to travel before you start seeing things repeat is so far it's really inconceivable to the human mind, but eventually, far enough out there, are exact replicas of our universe.

Of course there are infinite variations of you in these other areas of the universe, but there are also an infinite number of exactly the same you.  Versions that every moment of of their whole life was identical to yours.  Every interaction with everyone other person was exactly the same.  Whether this particular variation is happening simultaniously in time is irrelevent.  Whether in the past, or future, you have all experienced the same moment, and have all come to a point in life where they are reading this exact blog and thinking about it exactly the same way.

At this moment every thought you have, all the others have the same one.  If you want to send out a message about what your shared experience is like, you can think it now and it'll be shared among all.  It's almost telepathic in a sense, the ability to know another's mind, but instead of any mystic power, your telepathy is being conveyed by statistic probability.  There are also an infinite amount of me right now writing this, every word the same, every typo being corrected and re-typed in the same manner. 

There of the infinite amount of yous eexperience the same thoughts, a majority of them will break off and have slight differences in your thought processes, but some of them, still an infinite amount, will go on living their rest of their lives exactly as you do, thinking, doing, seeing, smelling, loving, laughing, crying, at all the same moments for all the same reasons, dying in the exact same manner. 

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