You are your possesions.

September 25, 2016

What are you?  If you cut your hand off, you would say you are your hand.  The rest of you is you.  If we keep chopping body parts off I think we'd come to the conclusion that you are your mind.  We'll assume you're your mind, and that seems to be somewhere in your brain. 

If you reattached that hand, is it now you again?  I think most people would agree that our limbs and hands and feet are part of us.  If we accept that something that can be removed and added to our body and be part of us, does this stop at things we had originally?  What about contacts lenses?  Fake limbs? 

Lets say your arms are both removed.  You've now lost your ability to draw, write, point fingers at people. 

Let's say you buy an electric saw, you now have the ability to cut wood quickly.  I don't think most people would say an electric saw is part of you, but I will argue that it is. 

I feel like we can establish that our mind is what is really us and our body is just a set of tools that allows us to manipulate our environment.  Since limbs can be removed and added, why does this not apply to everything?  Houses, tools, kitchen utensis, money, credit cards.  All of this things increase the effectiveness in manipulating our environment.

If one person owns a washing machine and the other does not, they require much more energy to wash their clothes.  Whether is be from hand or driving to a laundry mat.  Money is the same way.  If someone who is very wealthy decides to build a 100 story office building, they can do so, using only theirx` voice to communicate to people who will then carry out the actions that are their minds wishes. 

I think it's interesting to think of the mind as a thing that is somewhat removed from the physical world but has the power to manipulate it.  The more tools it has at it's disposal the more power to manipulate it's environment. 

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