Space X - Beautiful Display of Capitism

May 08, 2016

I saw the SpaceX rocket landing the other day and it was amazing.

I think it was a wonderful display of the power of capitalism used correctly.

There is a lot of corruption in politics, particularly at this time.  I think the idea of capatilism gets unfairly critized because of some of the problems with corporations having influence in government policy.  That is clearly an issue, however the power of capitalism still holds strong.

When NASA had a shuttle, they were on a standard budget.  Knowing a fixed amount of money would be available they allotted a certain amount of money for the replacement of fuel tanks after they were dumped into the sea for every launch.

SpaceX doesn't have a budget.  They have to get contracts to send things into space, which means they have to impress people.  Not only that, the more money they spend on a mission, the less money they make, so they, unlike NASA have an inncentive be as efficent as possible and not dump equipment into the ocean.

Ever been to the DMV?  They aren't know for the best customer service.  This is because they don't have to impress anyone.  Whether you think they are a good 'company' or not they are going to get your business.  They have no incentive to train their employees to be nice and try to give the customer a pleasant experience so next time they'll choose that company.  Comcast is an interesting case, because they are a semi monopoly and they have the same problem.  Customers much like the DMV, don't have a choice of where they can get their cable and internet.

You hear how money makes corporations greedy, but it also makes them incentiviced to give customers fair prices and good experiences.

Healthcare is another good example, very expensive.  This is because most of us (in the USA at least) have a specific insurance company that tells us which doctors to go to.  We don't go to specific hospitals and doctors because of their good prices and helpfulness, we go where we have to go.  Whenever there is no competition you run into trouble.

A lot of examples people give as examples of problems with capitalism aren't really capitalism, they are instances of capitalism controlled by government.

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