The Unbought Party

November 05, 2013

I feel like politics have broken government. Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, nothing you really want gets done. Any other party is too small to have an effect on anything.

I think many, if not most, of us realize the problem is in large part due to the influence of corporations. Large donations that enable candidates to fund their campaigns require favours. Unfortunately corporate goals aren't always aligned with the good of the people.

I've often felt like I couldn't do anything, nor could I figure out what could even be done, but I recently had a thought that I feel has some merit.

A new party could be formed. It could be based on the premise that we need people in office who are not bought. I call it the Unbought Party.

It could be enforced from within that none of it's candidates would accept any funding from corporations or other interests. Members of the party could donate anonymously through a website. Those funds can be used to start campaigns to get it's members in office. The people who run can be determined with website technology by everyone in the party.

A large amount of Republicans and Democrats would need to join. I think many could be persuaded. Whether it was Obama, or Bush, how many campaign promises were fulfilled when "their" guy got in office?

What your opinion is on abortion, guns, or any of the divisive issues are not as important as more pressing issues. There are important problems we need to solve in this country that each side can agree needs to be dealt with. We need to balance the budget, we need to get out economy moving, we need to start innovating again.

We need a party that isn't preoccupied with trivial matters We need a party that accomplishes real goals and works like an efficient machine. We need an upgrade.

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