The benefits of showering at night

December 17, 2016

This may seem like a small thing to write a blog about but I think it's worth it.

I used to wake up every morning, eat breakfast, take a shower and start working.  I noticed after showering I was very lethargic for up to an hour afterwards.  Making the water really cold towards the end of the shower would combat the lethargy but didn't solve it completely.  I decided to try showering at night.  If I was going to be tired after showering I might as use it to my advantage and  go to sleep in this state.

The results have been very good, not only am I not lethargic in the morning after showering, there is a full 20 minutes added to my morning, without having to shower at all.  I work from home on my own hours, so procrastination is a factor in my life, and I'm always fighting to overcome it.  Showering for me was a huge psychological barrier to getting my day started.  It's much easier to sitdown and get to work.  It may sound trivial, but every possible way I can stop procrastination I take.  It's one of my biggest enemies.

If you don't work at home, and have no problems with procrastination, just set your alarm 20 minutes later and get some more much needed sleep.  With morning being such a rush, it's much easier to through a big time-suck like taking a shower at night, where I would guess almost everyone is at their least productive. 

I would be guessing almost every person is more productive in the morning than 30 minutes to an hour before bed.  Why waste 20-30 minutes of the your most productive time of the day in the shower?  There is a bit of a struggle sometimes to get in the shower when I'm tired, but I know that once I'm in there it will feel good and be relaxing. 

The first night I got into bed after showering, it felt incredible.  It made me realize every other night I'd been going to sleep with a days worth of filth all over me.  Now the idea of going to bed without a shower seems nasty.   I can't put my finger on why but I feel like some how the fact that I'm cleaner is getting me a better night sleep. 

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